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Configuring ASUS routers

New versions of ASUS router firmware have a separate unit for Yandex.DNS configuration. The program allows you to choose one of three Yandex.DNS modes (Basic, Safe, or Family) for each of your registered devices, as well as a default mode that will automatically be assigned to devices when connected to the network for the first time.

Currently, the following ASUS models support Yandex.DNS:

How to configure Yandex.DNS

  1. Enter in the browser address bar to enter the router settings page.

  2. Enter login information in the authorization page: username and password. The default router setting for username/password is admin/admin.

  3. Check your router is using the latest firmware version installed. You can find firmware update instructions here.

Next, if your firmware supports Yandex.DNS, you can set up the service in two ways: using the Express Internet Connection wizard (for example, when connecting the router for the first time) or through the Yandex.DNS menu section. Both configuration methods are described below.

Configure Yandex.DNS using the Express Internet Connection wizard

  1. Select the Express Internet Connection connection wizard.

  2. On the last page of the express connection wizard, tick the I want to use Yandex.DNS and I agree to the conditions of use checkbox. If you wish to use the Yandex.DNS Safe Mode by default, also tick the Use Safe Mode by default checkbox.

Configure Yandex.DNS without using the Express Internet Connection wizard

  1. In the settings page, go to the Parental Control section.

  2. In the Parental Control section, select the Yandex.DNS tab.

  3. In the Use Yandex.DNS field, set the switch to the ON position.

  4. After activating Yandex.DNS, you can configure the protection mode for individual devices by selecting the required device and adding it to the list. Different modes can be configured for each of the devices connected to the network: safe, family, or unprotected.

Router configuration without integrated Yandex.DNS support

Important: this configuration option may be incompatible with certain providers.

If your ASUS router does not have integrated Yandex.DNS functionality, you can configure the service manually by specifying the static DNS from instead of the DNS WAN of your provider. Do not change your provider's other settings. The protection mode will operate in compliance with the Yandex.DNS address you specified: basic, safe, or family.