Secure home internet

Setting a ZyXEL router

In ZyXEL routers from the Keenetic series, Yandex.DNS is built into the firmware (microprofram). That's why it's easy to use it right in the router's control panel. You can enable one DNS mode for all computers on the home network or configure it individually for different devices: for example, select "Family" mode for a child's computer or set "Safe" mode for households inexperienced with the internet. In addition, only a user who knows the password to access the router can change Yandex.DNS settings.

How to configure Yandex.DNS

Follow the instructions if you have a Keenetic router (of any model). If you have a different model, you can configure Yandex.DNS manually.

  1. Go to the control panel on the computer connected to the router by following the link

  2. Enter the username and password (default, admin and 1234).

  3. The "System Monitor" will open. Check your software's version; it's shown in the Base System line in the window "System Information".

  4. Further actions depend on the microprogram's version. Only the first digit is important. When updating the firmware, all previous settings will be saved.

  5. Version v2.* — go to the section "System" (gear icon in the bottom panel), then select the tab "Components". The system will check for any updates. You will see a pop-up window.

    If it says "Updates available", you will need to click the "Apply" button at the bottom of the page to download them. You will need to be connected to the internet.

    Do not turn off the router while it's updating!

    Additional information can be found on ZyXEL's site.

    If the pop-up window says "Update not required", you can go straight to the How to manage Yandex.DNS section.

Version v1.* — download the new version of the microprogram for your router from the official ZyXEL site.

* Please note: Keenetic Lite and Keenetic 4G have two different versions: revision A (Rev.A) and revision B (Rev.B). Their firmware is not mutually compatible. Check your router's version on the case's lower panel and download the correct firmware.

Unpack the downloaded zip archive. Go to the "Files" tab, in the list File name click on firmware. The "Manage file" window will open. Click "Select file", indicate the directory to the unpacked bin file, then click the button "Replace". Do not turn off the router when updating firmware! See more detailed instructions on ZyXEL's site.

I have a different router model

  1. Go to the control panel on the computer connected to the router by following the link

  2. Enter the username and password (default, admin and 1234).

  3. Go to DNS settings in the control panel.

  4. Write the addresses of the Yandex.DNS mode you selected as the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS and save changes.

How to manage Yandex.DNS

We recommend that you change the password to access the router's control panel since the default password is well-known and cannot protect the settings for Yandex.DNS and your home network from third-parties.

Go to DNS settings in the control panel.

To change Yandex.DNS' default mode, selected the necessary mode in the section "Profile for guest network and other home network devices" and save changes by pressing the button "Apply".

To designate an individual Yandex.DNS mode for different devices, first register them. To do so, go to the "Home network" section in the Devices tab. Click on the device in the list that you want to register. In the field Device description, you can enter a name for it that you will remember, for example, My laptop or John's telephone. Then click "Register".

Now return to the "Security" section in the Yandex.DNS tab. All the devices that you registered will appear in the list. Now you can select an individual Yandex.DNS mode for each device: "Basic" (Without filtering), "Safe" or "Family".

You can find more detailed instructions on the individual configuration of Yandex.DNS on ZyXEL's site.